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battery seperator 12-160
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battery seperator 12-160

Prijs per product (stuks): €71.18 (incl. 21 % btw)

BS160-12 Battery Isolator 13.2 VDC, 160 Amps

BS Series battery separator is a microprocessor-controlled heavy-duty relay that automatically connects auxiliary batteries in parallel when the primary battery has reached a preset voltage (indicating that the primary battery is charged), and disconnects the auxiliary batteries when the primary battery voltage decreases below float level (indicating that the primary battery is discharged). BS Series battery separator is designed for use in situations where two sets of batteries are used, e.g., in boats, campers and caravans, where the starter battery will be charged first followed by the auxiliary batteries, once the starter battery has reached its preset connect voltage. The BS160-12 battery separator is designed for use with a 12 volt battery system and is rated for 160 amps. The BS160-12 battery separator allows forced engaging of the auxiliary battery through external switch to enable paralleling with the starter battery if the starter battery is discharged or damaged.


  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Mobile home's

Design Features

  • Designed for 2 sets of batteries
  • Batteries can be connected in parallel for charging
  • Priority is given for charging only the starter battery first
  • Protects against excessive discharge of the starter battery
  • Performs better than diode based battery isolators
  • Simple to install - no need to modify the existing circuit of the alternator
  • In case of discharge or damage of the starter, the BS160 allows forced engaging of the auxiliary battery through an external switch to allow paralleling


  • Input Voltage: 13.2 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 13.2 VDC
  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 3.6 x 3.8"
  • Output: 160 A

Laatste update: zondag, 24 juni 2018 18:21

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