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Icom IC-F1810
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Icom IC-F1810

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The IC-F1810 series offers advanced features, superior performance and flexible installation, including:
(1) Built-in multiple tone signalings – CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF autodial and BIIS functions.
(2) Built-in/optional voice scramblers for secure conversation.
(3) Large dot-matrix display with user-friendly icons helps you to grasp information immediately.
(4) Five programmable buttons and supplied function name stickers for quick access.
(5) The optional separation kit and separation cable allow you flexible installation.
(6) Durable construction resists shock and vibration.

 The IC-F1810 series is ideal for public safety, business and industrial users’ requirements.


Detachable front panel.
With the optional remote control kit, RMK-2 and separation cable, OPC-609, the front panel of the radio can be detached from the main unit. It allows you flexible installation even in limited installation space.*


Dot matrix, multi function LCD.
The IC-F1810 series has a large dot matrix display to show information with high resolution characters. The dot matrix font allows upper and lower case characters to be easily distinguished. The display setting is programmable to show one line and 12 characters, or two lines and 24 characters.


Rugged construction.
The IC-F1810 series has a durable construction resistant to shock and vibration and provides reliable operation under harsh conditions. The IC-F1710/F2710 incorporates a front mounted speaker, while the IC-F1810/F1820 has a backlit 10-keypad and external speaker for extended operation.


Built-in versatile tone signaling.
Use the built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone, 5-Tone or BIIS capability to set up your own talk groups, and have your radio standby quietly when others are talking. You can also set up selective calls to individuals or control a repeater.


Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone.
The IC-F1810 series can decode up to 10 2-Tone, and 8 5-Tone codes on a single memory channel.
This is perfect for professionals who require multiple district paging on one channel.
When a matched tone is received, the following items are programmable for each code.
- Bell icon
- Answer back
- Radio stun
- Beep sound
- Auto transmit
- Scan
- External out


256 memory channels, 32 zones.
Up to 256 memory channels can be divided into 32 memory zones, and allows you quick access to the intended channel.


Tactical group function.
The tactical group function allows you to copy memory channels into a new memory zone (using Zone 32) without using PC programming. This function allows you to construct a temporary work group on site for working with inter-organization groups, such as in case of a large scale disaster.


Built-in inversion type voice scrambler.
The IC-F1810 series includes a built-in inversion type voice scrambler in all models.
When a more secure system is required, the optional voice scrambler unit UT-109 or UT-110 is available.


Other features.
Microphone hanger action programmable (Scan, monitor, priority)
Radio stun/kill and Power-on password function.
8 DTMF autodial channels
Built-in audio compander.
LTR Trunking system capability with the optional UT-111 installed
Wide/middle/narrow (25/20/12.5kHz) channel capability.
Optional heavy-duty microphone, HM-148.
Backlit LCD and keypad.
SUB-D 25-pin connector for PC connection.
Optional OPC-617 SUB-D 9 pin connector for dimmer control, modem or printer connection.


BIIS 1200 system.
The BIIS function uses MSK signalling to add selective calling and data communication features to your existing conventional system cost effectively. It uses a 4-digit ID number like a telephone number for calling. Also free text short data messages, pre-programmed status messages and GPS* position information can be sent and received with the radio. * External GPS receiver and connection cable required.


Selective calling.
Up to 32 individual and group ID’s can be stored in the memory and the caller’s name can be displayed on the display.


Free text short data messages (SDM).
When connected to a PC, maximum 95-character short data messages can be sent from the radio. The DTMF keypad on the front panel* or optional DTMF microphone, HM-152T, allows you to input up to a 12-character message directly from the keypad. * IC-F1810/F2810 only.


24 status messages.
Status messages are simplified SDM’s. Choose a message from 24 pre-programmed status messages and sent it. The emergency signal, status 22 can be sent when in an emergency.


GPS position exchange*
When connected to a GPS receiver, position information can be sent with PTT button or at pre-programmed intervals. If a base station is connected to a PC with mapping software, a vehivle management system can allow you to manage a vehicle fleet efficiently. *Ask your dealer for details.

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