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Icom IC-M411
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Icom IC-M411

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The IC-M411 is a compact waterproof VHF/DSC radio that is ideal for small boats or where space is at a premium. Despite its size it has a large speaker grille, which gives excellent audio quality. The buttons and display have been designed to be easy to see in poor lighting conditions.


The IC-M411 and microphone are waterproof to IPX7 and can withstand submersion in up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes.
The set features an Aquaquake draining function. If water gets into
the speaker grill and muffles the speaker's audio, the Aquaquake draining function emits a buzzing sound which sheds water from the speaker system, assuring you sharp, clear communications
even in the worst conditions.


7W powerful output power.
A powerful 7W* output power provides superior transmit power. All this power is available with the supplied battery pack. Reduced power settings also allow you to adapt to the communication conditions and provide longer operating time. (* 5W for UHF)


The IC-M411 is easy to use and easy to see.
The large LCD shows its full sized channel number and 10 character scrolling channel comment clearly and the 4 levels of back lighting on the LCD makes the screen easy to see in all conditions. 9 clearly labelled buttons, which are backlit, are well spaced for user friendly operation.


The “Distress” button is covered with a spring loaded plastic cover to prevent accidental distress call activation.
The supplied remote function microphone allows you to select channels and change output power directly.


The IC-M411 has all the features that you would expect from an Icom Marine VHF.
Including dual watch and Tri-watch functions, 70 programmable channels with UK marina channels included. A Favourite channel function allows for quick channel selection so that you can set the “Tag” channel to the channels used most often. When pushing the up/down buttons on the hand microphone, only the tagged channels are selected, while untagged channels are skipped. Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, 'The IC-M411 DSC/VHF is a competitively priced transceiver that is compact in size, easy to use and has excellent receiver sensitivity and speaker audio. Its affordability makes it an ideal purchase for a small boat owner or those who want an uncomplicated set.

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