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Icom IC-M401E

Icom IC-M401E

Prijs per product (stuks): €234.71 (incl. 21 % btw)


Large LCD ( 27x43mm).
A large LCD is incorporated into the design allowing easy viewing of the 
large channel display and the scrolling 10-character channel name system - 
even in direct sunlight, or when water has splashed on the screen. 
In addition, the 4-step amber backlighting for the LCD and switch 
illumination, allows the set to be seen in low-light conditions.

Compact Front Panel.
The IC-M401E has a flush mount body and compact front panel making 
it ideal for installation in a steering panel or bulkhead. The front panel design
is well organized and contains well labeled switches and controls providing 
simple operation even in the roughest weather conditions.

Waterproof Protection.
The IC-M401E, including the microphone and the optional DS-100 have waterproof protection, equivalent to JIS waterproof specification grade 7. (1 m depth for 30 minutes; except cables).

Superior Audio with Large Speaker.
A newly designed large speaker grille gives excellent audio quality from the front-mounted speaker. This results in clear reception, even over wind and engine noise.

Optional ITU Class-D DSC Controller, DS-100.
If you are really concerned about DSC operation not only for “Distress” situations, but also for private ship-to-ship calls, a clear display and functional controls are very import. The DS-100 has 168-character display that shows full dot-matrix characters with clarity. Large, clearly labeled controls allow you to easily make routine individual, group and all ships calls. 

Up to 40 received messages ( 20 distress and 20 other calls) are stored and a total70 address ID’s ( individual and Group ID) can be programmed.

And more...
•Supplied remote function mic. For instant channel selection
•Up to 22 free programmable channels
•Black or white color variation

pdf Full PDF Specification sheet

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